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Thursday, August 12, 2010


It has been a while! I was having some issues with my blog. But now I have lots to show!

My nephew Hunter had his first birthday recently so I made him a cloth book all about fans. Hunter loves fans. He points to them whenever he sees them. We always joke that it will be his first word.

I had an "art sale" up at my cottage. It was a fun weekend. We hung paintings along the ropes using clothes pins. I really like the look of it. Here are some photos of it.

The gator is for sale on etsy: as well as the upcycled coasters. They are made from tin cans, plastic and repurposed fabric. They are hand sewn.

The "Lifemouse" photo is the image I am working on to promote my artprize piece. It is a stop motion animation.

This fish is on a laptop sleeve that I made, also on sale

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